Author Topic: Nailed-up configuration on Agent Login/ Ready State  (Read 164 times)

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Nailed-up configuration on Agent Login/ Ready State
« on: December 05, 2018, 03:09:11 PM »

I am trying to setup nailed-up agents to connect on login to WDE.
I configured the agent's extension with the option connect-nailedup-on-login set to gcti::park .
With this setup, when the agent logs in, outbound is initiated towards the contact specified in the extension and put on gcti::park, making the connection persistent.

Now, this configuration works in most countries, but in Russia it does not because the telco is not allowing the outbound call since it receives the gtci::park as CPN.
As long as the CPN is not a valid number from the provider, it is blocked.

The contact is defined with media gateway, not SIP Server, in order to bypass the sip feature server that is used in this tenant, to not adjust dial plan.

In documentation I saw the connect-nailedup-on-login option can also be a routing point. My idea is that if this routing point is a number from the provider used for initiating the outbound on agent login, telco will received this as CPN and allow the call.
And the question is, how should this routing point be configured?
Do you need some sort of a routing strategy for this in order to create the persistent connection ?

Did somebody configured nailed-up this way?