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GMS Notification Service
« on: December 06, 2018, 09:52:39 PM »

I'm trying to enable Custom Http notification for chat interactions on gms.
To configure the Custom Http notification, following the docs at: i need to edit the push options in gms, my section push contains the following configurations:


My chat server options have the flex-push-enabled set to true, and my chat and digital channel at gms have the option enable-notification_mode set to true.

After creating a chat interaction by gms endpoint http://<gms-ip>:<gms-port>/genesys/2/chat/<digital-channel>, i receive the chat interaction at WDE, but gms don't push any notification to my api (user joined, message, etc).

Looking the gms and chat server logs, nothing related to the notifications appears.

Do i need to configure something else?

Chat Server version: 8.5.301
Gms version: 8.5.200