Author Topic: How to set the width of the InteractionWorksheetRegion (WDE - right area)?  (Read 242 times)

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I'm building an extension for Genesys WDE and I'm extending the InteractionWorksheetRegion with an extra View exactly like described in the documentation and their samples. Everything is working great and it looks as it's supposed to look.

The only issue that I have is that I don't know how to setup a minimum width of the right area during an interaction.

First of all, in my custom IModule initialization, I'm registering the required pieces like this:

this.container.RegisterType<ICustomViewModel, CustomViewModel>();
this.container.RegisterType<ICustomView, CustomView>();

    new ViewActivator()
      ViewType = typeof(ICustomView),
      ViewName = "CustomViewBuiltByMe",
      ActivateView = true,
      Condition = CustomViewModel.IsCollectionBrowserDisplayable

this.container.RegisterType<ICustomButtonView, CustomButtonView>();

  new ViewActivator()
    ViewType = typeof(ICustomButtonView),
    ViewName = "CustomButtonViewBuiltByMe",
    ActivateView = true,
    Condition = CustomViewModel.IsCollectionBrowserDisplayable

And the button and the custom view is being displayed correctly but due to the content of the view, I need somehow to set a minimum width (later it can be manually adjusted). There is anyone who knows how this can be done?

Thank you.