Author Topic: Cannot send instant messaging using ISCC  (Read 149 times)

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Cannot send instant messaging using ISCC
« on: June 08, 2022, 05:46:54 PM »
Hi guys, i have some issues with my instant messaging
I have 2 sip server (SIPServer & SIPServer_YKA), and i want to try send instant messaging to different agent on different SIPServer, i already set option for DN extension, set DN trunk and set DN external routing point on each switch, but still can do it and the status from WDE is always "Establishing"

and this is the logs from SIPServer_YKA

@15:37:17.4970 [ISCC] Transport message handler is set
   -- created: CRequest@64efcec0 RequestRegisterAddress-TServer[-1]/1
15:37:17.497: $+TLIB:CTI:Unknown:0:0
  +++ CIFace::Request +++
     -- new invoke
15:37:17.497 Std 36225 Client 2(TServer): registration requested for DN (gcti::route) not in CME
    Parsed: RequestRegisterAddress
    From: TServer[-1]/1
    Numbers: +<gcti::route> -<none>
    Status: parsed:1 queued:0 sent:0 acked:0 preevent:0 event:0 context:0 transferred:0
  • send_to_client: message EventError

   (DN is not configured in CME)
   AttributeEventSequenceNumber   0000000000000001
   AttributeTimeinuSecs   497000
   AttributeTimeinSecs   1654677437 (15:37:17)
   AttributeErrorCode   59
   AttributeErrorMessage   'DN is not configured in CME'
   AttributeThisDN   'gcti::route'
   AttributeRegisterMode   0
   AttributeControlMode   0
   AttributeAddressType   4 (RouteDN)
   AttributeReferenceID   1
   AttributeClientID   2
15:37:17.497 Int 04545 Interaction message "EventError" sent to -1 ("TServer")
     -- processed internally
  --- CIFace::Request ---
   -- deleted: CRequest@64efcec0 RequestRegisterAddress-TServer[-1]/1
15:37:17.497: $-TLIB:CTI:Unknown:0:228

i would appreciate all your suggestions guys