Author Topic: How to disable PlayApplication block in workflow changing original DNIS?  (Read 382 times)

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Hi, guys,

I have a URS centric  workflow/callflow development.

In workflow,   I use playApplication  block to call IVR callflow.  I created  a voip over ip service DN in sipswitch,  MSML_Service.

then I noticed DNIS is changed to MSML_Service  from my original RP,  where my workflow is loaded.

But I need this original DNIS  in my workflow.   

How to disable this DNIS replacement by MSML_Service?


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Hi Kevin,

I believe you can create a user data in the dnis workflow (thisdn) for input in the vxml.
I recommend, based on the business rule of your flow, to perform the deleteudata if the interaction returns to the beginning of the flow with another DNIS.
This is a suggestion. I already had this scenario where I could solve just this way.