Author Topic: Using IRD to perform time checks  (Read 103 times)

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Using IRD to perform time checks
« on: August 02, 2022, 08:07:07 AM »

is there a way (in IRD) to check if the current time is within parameters extracted from an OPM transaction list?
so the transaction list lookup returns this value:

Transaction List Returned- W//5/08:30-17:00

then using function blocks i have these vales (assigned to variables):

Current Day-5 Current Time-16:41 Current Hour-16 Current Minute-41 Open Day-5 Open Hour-08 Opening Minutes-30 Closing Hour-17 Closing Minutes-00

i am using a segmentation block to perform several checks but always have a scenario that means the checks do not work.
what script can i use to make this work without having to use an expression script that is too long.