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Call Defaulting
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for all of you who are working with Avaya, I was wondering if you could help me with the following:

We are using URS to route the call to an operator. Because we are using a bit more than usual routing, when putting a call into queue, we have to:

send the call to a music port using IVR Treatment Icon and then do the usual SelectDN, Route commands.

We need to send the call to music port in order to have caller listen to music while his call is queued in a VQ. The timeout for IVR treatment is set to 1 second in IRD, while the actual music port will play music for up to 60 minutes before dropping the call.

Let's say we have:

Routing Point 21000 which is running the strategy.

Music Port at 22000 where the call would be listening to the music

Virtual Queue VQ_Panda where the call would be queued while waiting to be connected.

So, when the call enters the strategy, we have EventRouteRequest for 21000 where strategy will start.

This strategy will direct the call to music port 22000, and after one second will continue to on and queue the call at VQ_Panda.

Physically, the call is still at 22000, listening to the music, while for Genesys the call is actually in VQ_Panda, 21000 and 22000.

When URS switches over to backup, we have on_router_activated set to default, thus URS_Backup would force all the existing calls handled by URS to default. And this is where the stuff happens the way we did not anticipate:

1. EventDiverted for VQ_Panda

2. RequestRouteCallis issued for ThisDN=22000 with otherDN = "" type:RouteTypeDefault.

3. EventRouteUsed is returned with ThisDN = 22000, OtherDN = my cell ANI, ThirdPartyDN = '' <- in other words, call did not go anywhere and stayed on 22000

and this is it!!!

Which is totally messed up, because, 22000 is a music port, so having call just left there means that Genesys is no longer seeing that call, and caller is just stuch listening to the loop, unaware that he is no longer queued anywhere.

in URS option, we clearly state that: default_destination = 20200, so the least it should do is route the call to 20200, right?!!!

I am sure I am not the only one who is facing the problem.

How is everyone setting their music VDNs so that in case of URS failure or error, the call is no longer stuck listening to the music and never be routed?

Any thoughts?



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Call Defaulting
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  • Hi Vic,

    I do music a little different than your have in your vectors.

    Call comes into vdn 21000, move call to vdn 22000

    vdn 21000 ( used to determine if tserver/router down at incoming call moment)

    if error during strategy default to 23000

    01 wait 2 secs hearing ringback

    02 adjuct link 1

    03 wait 10 sec hearing ringback

    04 queue skills 01 //this is the start of the redundant path

    05 annoucement xxx

    so and so on

    vdn 22000 has music / messaging

    01 wait 2 secs hear ring

    02 adjunct link 1

    03 ann xxxx

    04 wait 30 sec hearing music

    05 ann xxxx

    06 wait 60 hearing music

    07 goto step 06

    As you mentioned in another topic, there is no redundant path in this vector..problem if router dies.

    In strategy for vdn 21000

    oute the call to the queueing vdn

    In strategy for vdn 22000

       arget agents

    o busy treatments

    o ivr icons

       ry setting function set_call_option

    default destionation  to 23000

    vdn 23000 is the error vdn

    01 goto vector 21000 at step 04


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    Call Defaulting
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  • Hi, Ian,

    I will try set default call option and see what happens. Thanks!


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    Call Defaulting
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  • you can add redundant path by assigning PABX skill to a VDN then same skill to agent ID so if URS die calls still get answered


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    Call Defaulting
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  • Hi, Tony,

    can you please explain? How is it different from what we have had so far?