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Genesys-related Development / Re: Searching UCS and Archive with PSDK.
« Last post by Kubig on Today at 08:35:33 PM »
If you want to use fullsearch then you cannot use UCS query as the archive database is not indexed. So, you can use direct database access or index this database by yourself.
Be aware, that on WDE level there is more than one button for end call during the conference is active, so the agent needs to push the right one - in that case, the conference should be released as whole.
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / AttributeCallType=4 Instead of 3
« Last post by raza990 on Today at 05:53:41 PM »
Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue where in progressive mode, the customer number showing on softphone is 9013 rather than customer actual number which is making problem for agents.

When I check SIP Server logs, then I found that EventRinging on agent desktop having AttributeCallType=4 (4 is use for Consult Calls as I check from documentation) and 9013 is the CPD port number ..

Initially when 9013 (CPD) dial a call having correct AttributeCallType=3.

  • 8.0.401.15 distribute_event: message EventDialing

   AttributeEventSequenceNumber   00000000000703b9
   AttributeTimeinuSecs   968000
   AttributeTimeinSecs   1502775325 (13:35:25)
   AttributeExtensions   [23] 00 01 01 00..
      'BusinessCall'   0
   AttributeOtherDNRole   2
   AttributeOtherDN   '9XXXXXXXXXX'
   AttributeThisDNRole   1
   AttributeThisDN   '9013'
   AttributeDNIS   '9XXXXXXXXXX'
   AttributeCallUUID   '6CCTVQKSU94V901PSIT4FP03TC001JBC'
   AttributeConnID   00a602a800b5bd62
   AttributeCallID   52588
   AttributePropagatedCallType   3
   AttributeCallType   3
   AttributeCallState   0

The problem I can see is that same call having another EventDialing (9013 > 1004 RP) with AttributeCallType=4 and this call ringing on agent and shows 9013.

   AttributeTransferConnID   00a602a800b5bd62
   AttributeCallUUID   '6CCTVQKSU94V901PSIT4FP03TC001JBE'
   AttributeConnID   00a602a800b5bd64
   AttributeCallID   52590
   AttributePropagatedCallType   4
   AttributeCallType   4
   AttributeCallState   0

Is it a normal behavior to have 2 EventDialing  ??? and how change the AttributeCallType=3 ?

This is my problem. If agent (who started the conf) ends the call, the other 2 parties remain in conversation. To drop all participants the agent must remove one participant from the conf and then end call.

I expect what you're say, when agent ends the call, all participants are dropped.

During making a reply in the WDE, there is temporarily existing more than one email interaction (original one and the current reply which is draft), thus your statistic measures it twicely. You have to add custom filter to see just the origin on reply interaction.
In case using WDE, the agent is able to end entire conference by clicking "End call" option (not end the call-legs, but entire call)
Do you know if there is an option to set in media server?

Use the curl (linux) cmd to try upload on WebDAV - cmd something like that:

Code: [Select]
curl -T /tmp/ -u webDAV_user:webDAV_password http://IP:PORT/recordings/test
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: Call_Result Not Updating
« Last post by raza990 on Today at 01:49:41 PM »
Yes Fra, I can se in logs that call was delivered to an agent but it seems answering Machine call because am-deteced=connect is configured. And agent is become ready before selecting the call result as answering machine.

The above logic is OK, but when call is detected as answering machine then even OCS is updating the record then it should update as answering machine (the last detected result) ? Or it is happening because bydefault agent softphone have call result unknown call result so when agent becomes ready then whatever the call result is there bydefault in softphone will go in update record request ?
Hi cavagnaro,
Thank for your respone
How can I upload manually from client manchine (Window) to GIR Server
I can not find command upload manually in document guide

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