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Hi all,
may I delete freely records from the table in the object? the table stores any current or old object parameters, even if it's no longer existing. I was guessing about reasons why I should not manually delete them.

Any clue?

Best regards.
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Pre-DMA chunk raw file physical position.
« Last post by Gef Buneri on April 30, 2019, 04:37:49 PM »
Hi All,
I would like to know the physical position (or filename/filetype to search for) of the raw files that generates the chunks I can see through the DMA client as chunks, each 15 minutes. Are they fisical, or before to becoming chunks they're some sort of volatile memory dump?

The goal is to monitor any interruptions in the writing of those files in the lesser time gap possible, to avoid any loss of chunks.

Best regards,

Maybe a typo mistake, check the string format (might be a bad new line char etc.)

I originally had that uncommented and set as you suggested but it gave a java error.

It didn't like this line.... (Which is from the sample)


......... .............

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I think documentation is pretty clear on that and thus why I have recommended to follow it as your configuration seems wrong on ES configuration. If you are using external ES cluster, you should use "useTransportClient" option with value "true" and also configure the ES nodes you want connect to, tha crClusterName is also mandatory option. Amend your configuration to be in respect to your environment and documentation

I understand, which is why I clearly stated that I had followed the documentation.

The documentation wasn't clear which section the crClusterName field goes in and if it is even still relevant for the 8.5.2 series..

So any help here in either clarification of the documentation, correction of my application.yaml or a working example would be much appreciated.

At this stage I only require to get basic voice functionality going.



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Well you would be surprised by how many people and posts are done without reading any documentation so...we are used to it.
the ClusterName is what ever you configured at your ES yaml file. where you declared the name and nodes.

Where do you think my start point was?
Of course I read that page and used the sample...
In my post I did say that I've followed the documentation.

I didn't come here to be told RTFM...

Have you actually got this working before?

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This could help you -
You also might use the prepared "sample" configuration for ES cluster which is located under WWE/HTCC.

That's what I'm trying to do, but the documentation is unclear on how to link it..

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