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--- Quote from: bublepaw on August 30, 2010, 06:01:28 PM ---Hi,

There is no speciall configuration on Genesys side. It works out of box - when MakePredictiveCall is issued - INVITE going from SIP Server to Audiocodes contains special header which tells Mediant to do CPD. You need to configure Audiocodes to do CPD - there is an option to enables fax/modem detection and one enable AM detecion. They are decribed very well in Audiocodes guide - search for "Event Notification using X-Detect Header". You don't need CPD server for that. And yes M1000 works with CPD :). One more comment - there were some changes in 8.0.3 and starting with this release You need to specify on trunk level which CPD protocol is used - cpd-capability option.


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Nice! Thanks a lot!


--- Quote from: René on August 30, 2010, 11:05:00 PM ---Hi Cav,

About M1000 and CPD support - I took the information that M1000 doesn't support AMD detection from Genesys Supported Media Interfaces Reference Manual. As you and Pawel are saying it is supported then I would say the document is wrong :) Sorry for confusing you...


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No problem. Thanks a lot as usual very helpful :)

Hi guys,

has anybody tried to use msbg1000 with cpd/amd functionality in case of ip to ip calls? does it work?


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