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Multiple treatments
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Good morning, fellow Genesys engineers!

It has been a very long night and I am still having problem with my URS. The cause of my sleepless night and lack of any social contact for thew last 48 hours arise from a simple yet evil request by my boss and tormentor incarnate to specify more than one treatment to be played to the caller while he(or she) is on hold.

Usually, this is done by just adding a treatment into a Treatment section of the Route object, but in our case it is not that easy.

You see, for one reason or another, instead of using the pretty route object, our engineers, who should be stricken by lightning and dipped in boiling tar, decide to create the whole strategy using f(x), so we have SelectDN, RouteTo and so on listed separately in our otherwise glorious strategy.

Right now, we are using IVR Property icon with SCRIPT's Target=MUSIC_VDN@STATSERVER and DURATION=1 to implement music in queue.

So, we have:

IVR Property>SelectDN>RouteTo

Music VDN's vector is something like this:

1. play music 60 sec

2. goto 1

Which is great and everything, but I also now need to add an announcement beforehand, telling the clients how much they are expected to wait.

If I place new IVR property with EWT announcement BEFORE IVR property with music, I get about 1 sec worth of EWT announcement before IVR music kicks in. If I place EWT announcement AFTER music, then caller just gets EWT announcement and then dreary and scary silence while they are still in a queue.

What I want is to be able to play music, play EWT, play music play EWT, but without converting our glorious strategy from f(x) into Route objects. Can this be done?

By the way, EWT is calculated by STATSERVER, so we cannot rely on vector there.

Rebecca Smith

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Multiple treatments
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  • Switch name + release please?

    Tony Tillyer

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    Multiple treatments
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  • Create a second music port with just the announcement preecorded looping, instead of music.  Use your strategy to determine EWT, invoke a switch over to port 2 to play the announcement, then back to port 1.