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A better change control process
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:32:49 PM »
We have all seen the painful cycle of the manually driven release process used in this industry. Changes get developed in a Dev environment and once stable are manually reproduced into a UAT environment for user testing. If all goes well, a change control process sees these changes documented and eventually the work is manually reproduced into production.

Are we engineers or data entry monkeys?

These sorts of processes are needed to ensure quality releases and prevent outages with the contact center platform. But there is a trade off, engineering time vs down time. Generally, more process is the answer when faced with risk but increasing process usually slows everything down. Furthermore, these processes are all manual which introduces more human error so the law of diminishing returns quickly kicks in.

We like to promote a process that reduces risks while significantly speeds up deployments. The key is the ability to programmatically move changes from one environment to another, removing human error and automatically generating change control documentation along the way. Making fast, high quality release with accurate documentation.

Stop performing manual changes in production, it is the greatest cause of outages and consumes a lot of engineering time.

With the use of InProd, changes can be grouped into a ‘change set’ and be treated as a reusable object. This allows promoting changes between environments and reuse of previous work.

InProd is a configuration management tool for Genesys, which also performs configuration auditing. It adds considerable value to any business that has more than one Genesys environment.  To learn more please visit or pm me directly.

InProd is a DevOps, auditing, configuration management and license reporting solution for Genesys PureEngage. Learn how to speed up deployments by creating reusable changes