Author Topic: I wanna use T-library with C appl, can i use T-library in current SDK version ?  (Read 293 times)

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 Dear All,

I'm a beginner with Genesys CTI, and i has a C application with T-library.
I want to use this applicaiton for interworking with Genesys CTI server, can i use this T-library based application ?

Local distributor told and recommended that Platform SDK supports C# and Java language.

Would you know me how can i use the T-library application ?

Best Regards,

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There used to be a C library but like 10 years ago. Now it is phased out. Lack of new modifications to work with newest TServer versions. No Multimedia support.
Maybe what you can do is create a DLL that will act as a middle layer between C# and your C app

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