Author Topic: GMS Callback - Import Originated Call User data information into CB Interaction  (Read 74 times)

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Hi All,

Thank you for reading my post.

I Have working GMS Callback environment,where GMS Callback request is initiated from Clients like (IRD,Postman,etc..), and API request headers have values like Customer Phone number, Dynamic Target,Dynamic VQ. I am aware, all the parameters sent along the Header of API request,will be converted to User data by default.

In a scenario, where if am initiating a Callback request from IRD or Composer(SCXML) using Web service Block, is it possible where the originating Call Userdata can be transferred to Callback Interaction created??? :o


Rajasekhar YHS,,

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Any property without a leading underscore in the body of the POST request will be considered as User Attached Data.

Give it try :)