Author Topic: How to associate an inbound call with a record in a calling list  (Read 165 times)

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Hi All,

My customer has Genesys outbound running with Genesys SIP and GVP in their premise.

When a predictive outbound call is initiated in a campaign and if the call attempt ends with a unsuccessful result like busy or no answer, a reschedule treatment is applied to the record to re-dial 2 hours later.
However, sometimes customers (who were called but not reached and rescheduled) see the missing call in their phones before re-scheduled call attempt is initiated and they call back the outbound trunk number.

My customer calls these kind of calls as "rebound calls". In this case, customer's inbound call is presented to the agent is not linked with the original outbound call. Then the customer is called again at the record's re-scheduled campaign time.

The customer has a pool of PSTN numbers which are dedicated to outbound campaigns. So, each campaign has a separate number which is used for the outbound campaign calls only. That means if an inbound call goes in to this number, we can assume that this call is a "rebound call".

Also each campaign includes only 1 calling list.

At this point, if an inbound call comes into the outbound trunk, we want to;

   verify whether it is a rebound call or not. If it is a rebound call, 
   get record data and attach it to the call,
   route call to an agent group or queue associated with the appropriate campaign,
   update record when the call is finished accordingly,
   report the call as a "rebound call" in Infomart and/or pulse, (or identify this call somehow)

Can anybody let me know if you have any suggestion about the optimum way to do this?

I consider querying calling lists from the inside of the inbound routing strategy, but I concern that this query may have impact on the routing performance.
Maybe developing a service which routing strategy can be a better option but I don't know which API it should use.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: How to associate an inbound call with a record in a calling list
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2019, 10:16:14 PM »
Well, rule #69, Genesys is not a CRM.
This being told what ideally should happen is Genesys strategy to look up into your CRM for that customer number or any identification you got from him and search for him. If found, grab data and annex to agent as case data. Send a Cancel Call or DoNotCall to OCS for that customer, rather by name or identification.
Now as usual sometimes customers don't have this and will ask to be done at Genesys side only, so you will need to query OCS calling lists associated to the inbound trunk.
There is the risk however that customer will be already at memory or worst being dialed. If only at memory Cancel Call should control it. If dialed nothing to do,chances however are quite low for this.

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