Author Topic: Genesys PSDK (Java) Cannot Update Agent Login After Call Work Time and Annex Tab  (Read 405 times)

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Hi All,

I have zero issue creating an Agent Login. I add my own custom Annex Options (User Properties) and then it adds in after-call work no problem.

Code: [Select]

CfgAgentLogin lNewAgentLogin = new CfgAgentLogin( aConfService );
lNewAgentLogin.setFolderId( id );
lNewAgentLogin.setSwitchDBID(id );
lNewAgentLogin.setTenantDBID( id );
lNewAgentLogin.setUserProperties( myCustomProperties );
CfgAgentLoginInfo lNewAgentLoginInfo = new CfgAgentLoginInfo( aConfService, lNewAgentLogin );
lNewAgentLoginInfo.setWrapupTime( aACW );;

As I said, this works fine. However, when I go to update the ACW Or the annex options, it breaks.

Code: [Select]
CfgAgentLogin lAgentLogin = aAgentLoginInfo.getAgentLogin();
lAgentLogin.setUserProperties( mycustomannex );
aAgentLoginInfo.setWrapupTime( aWrapUpTime );;

Even when creating an a new login info, almost identical to the above, it still doesn't work.
Code: [Select]
CfgAgentLogin lAgentLogin = aAgentLoginInfo.getAgentLogin();
lAgentLogin.setUserProperties( myCustomAnnex );
CfgAgentLoginInfo lNewAgentLoginInfo = new CfgAgentLoginInfo(aConfService, lAgentLogin );
lNewAgentLoginInfo.setWrapupTime( aACW );;

Before I ask Genesys or put in a bug request, has anyone encountered anything like this


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Try calling the save method of the Person object where you get the AgentLoginInfo from:

Code: [Select]
       private void updateAgentLogin(IConfService confService)
            CfgPersonQuery query = new CfgPersonQuery();
            query.UserName = "TestPerson";
            CfgPerson person = confService.RetrieveObject<CfgPerson>(query);
            if (person == null)
            foreach (CfgAgentLoginInfo agentLoginInfo in person.AgentInfo.AgentLogins)
                agentLoginInfo.WrapupTime = 300;