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Conrad Yiasoumi

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Dialogic cards compatibility with VTO
« on: January 01, 1970, 09:00:00 AM »
Does anyone have an updated list of Dialogic cards that can be used with the Genesys VTO (using a Nortel Meridian 1). The Genesys web site mentions that the following cards may be used:

Lineside E1  Dialogic D/300SCE1

Lineside T1  Dialogic D/240SCT1

             Dialogic D/240PCIT1

             Dialogic D/480SC2T1

Analog       Dialogic D/41ESC

             Dialogic D/160SCLS

             Dialogic D/120JCTLS

We have also been given quotes from our Genesys reseller for the following cards:

             Dialogic D/300PCI 1E1120

             Dialogic D/600JCT 2E1120

             Dialogic D/V1200  4E1120

As yet they have not been able to confirm whether these cards are compatible. Does anyone else have any experience using any other Dialogic (E1) cards with the VTO option? We have been told that the card needs to have an SC Bus, are the cards with the CT bus fully compatible with the SC bus.

Any help would be appreciated.