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ICON and its usage
« on: April 04, 2008, 05:36:39 PM »

I would like to pose a question for Genesys professionals on this forum. There is Ccon, Icon, Infomart and CCA.  It is my understanding that CCA is replaced by Infomart. CCon is being phased out. What about Icon. Is it a replacement for Icon?

Technically speaking is Icon another fancy name for ODS used by Infomart?


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Re: ICON and its usage
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  • I don't sell the stuff, but this is what I am told;

    CCA will continue - which may be installed to take a feed from CCon but this is optional.
    Infomart is new and must contain a feed/feeds from ICON.

    Both are set to continue but the recommendation currently is not to use both - just one, or the other.

    What's the difference...?

    CCA on it's own provides basic stats call volumes and requires a lot of manual intervention to get low-level data ("Filters") applied to call volumes.
    CCA with CCon can provide a better low-level split/filter on call volumes.
    CCA comes with Hyperion, as a front end package.

    ICON is an extraction and ODS tool.  Infomart requires ICON instances to be installed.
    Infomart uses the base data in the ICON ODS's, through ETL and will use Business Objects as a front end package*

    *Infomart does not have a front end, currently.

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