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Outbound and Call Blending
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I'm having problem in understanding Outbound solution provided by Genesys:

on Genesys manuals I read that in order Outbound solution to work each Agen must be logged in only one queue or present in only one Agent Group. But I don't understand this position:

Suppose I use blended Queue on ACD, so I have to put in Origination DNs table under Agent Group Object only one DNs. Is it correct? And suppose for Inbound calls I have some Agents belonging to more than a queue or Agent Groups because they have more than one skill. How can I set Outbound? Consider that I have to set up more than one campaign at a time.


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Outbound and Call Blending
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  • Actually, this is my problem.

    I was able to get it to run if I have only one campaign.

    What you do, is you create three different entities:

    1. ACD Queue to assign to the Agent Place

    2. RP where strategy for inbound routing is set

    3. VQ where ALL of your calls destined to the agents affected by a campaign are.

    Then, to you ACD Group that you add to Campaign, add ACD Queue, VQ, and RP AND set login_ignore_queue = true.

    This way:

    1. Campaign will track status of all your agents directly, without relying on ACQ queue events. Therefore, all agents added to Agent Group will be seen as either ready or not ready (etc) by campaign.

    2. Call pacing will be done based on EventDiverted. Queued, Abandoned etc of VQ

    3. All the connected calls will be transferred to RP.

    So, this way, your URS would be able to route all the inbound and outbound calls to the same agents based on skills, OCS would be able to track the state of the agents because it is seeing those agents, and OCS would be able to pace its outbound based on the stats it derives from VQ.

    This is an wasy one.

    Now, for the hard one, what if you have MULTISKILL environment, where agents can switch between campaigns. What do you do THEN?