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Brio Reporting discrepancies
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Sorry I am a little new with using Brio reports/Genesys, so if this doesn't make sense let me know and I can provide more info.  Has anyone seen an issue in Brio Reporting via Stat Server where the # of inbound calls are different for daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  For example inbound calls for each day DOES NOT EQUAL the number for the week if I add up each day.  There seems to be something miscalculating when the report sums it up for a week.  This happens no matter what time interval I run the report.  

Any help would be great appreciated.  


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Brio Reporting discrepancies
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email me Brio template and I will check if you want  we are using BRio for Stat Server and CCon right now, and had to really play with it before getting it to work. The main problems we have faced were:

1. conversion from UTC to human time

2. handling time data where hh:mm:ss was something like 89:12:32 (in other words, hh was greater than 24)

3. getting Brio to correctly display results (it has a tendency to mangle data by default into a format as it sees fit.

I think your biggest problem would be (2). Have you checked that you are using the correct hh:mm:ss format, and do not have 25:00:00 converted to the next day?

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Brio Reporting discrepancies
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  • Hi Vic,

    Thanks alot for your help, it definitely sounds like we have a time format issue, but where do I change it?  Also you are asking for my brio template, can you be more specific, sorry I am new to Brio:)