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Which was? Would be nice to also share  ;)

Figured out the solution.

Thank you for support.
I'm not sure but I think dnaction is the way to go along with a filter to only consider the specific channel you're interested in.

The other way around would be to limit what channels they can use so agentstatus reflects the channel the agents are using by limiting the wde role they're assigned, if they only handle video interactions?


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The members of the agent group, named "AG_Complaints", only handle video interactions. When agents get logged in WDE, they get ready in Chat Channel and not ready in Voice.

What I want is to get the current number of available agents (with status READY) in AG_Complaints. However, CurrNumberWaitStatuses returns zero (0) when I am to query Stat Server, where this statistic is defined as follows:

  • Category: Current Number
  • MainMask: WaitForNextCall
  • Objects: GroupAgents,GroupPlaces
  • Subject: AgentStatus

So, is it because WaitForNextCall is monitored only for Voice-channel. If this is the case, what should be "MainMask" (i.e. DnAction) for IXN?

Hope that it's clear.

Thank you in advance and cheers!

Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: Out calls before incoming calls - problem
« Last post by WilanPL on May 18, 2020, 02:53:42 PM »
hmmm, but according to the deployment:

"To prevent assignment to the inbound activity, the inbound-agent-assignment-min-num option should be set
to special value "-1". In this case, OCS assigns agents to the inbound activity only if the agents cannot be assigned
to any running associated Campaign Groups due to the restrictions imposed by the options regarding the agent
assignment (maximum number of assigned agents, waiting records, and so on.)"

The main goal of this special campaign are such that outgoing calls have priority over incoming calls.
These calls are answered by other agents.
Agents who are dedicated to this special campaign should only receive incoming calls if there are currently no records available for outgoing calls.

Well... Tell us how do you expect your customers to know you are doing Outbound calls? Lol
Kinda unrealistic your thinking. Inbound calls you have no power or way to control when they happen. What you can probably do is to do some sort of logic where if the campaign is active send to a secondary agent group.
The parameter you mentioned is to reserve agents for a campaign to answer inbound calls, so why did you disable it?

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Genesys Product Management really caused some confusion here!

Genesys Cloud I believe is Genesys Pure Cloud aka ININ. -> page title "Genesys PureCloud Platform".  It is host on AWS and this link ->

Genesys Engage is "proper" Genesys and is available on-premise or cloud. It is the evolution of HPE and WWE/Web Services are at the heart of it? Also it is hosted on Microsoft Azure based on this:

Anybody care to agree or disagree with the above?

So are we saying Genesys are pushing Genesys Cloud aka ININ (which we all think will be EOL) because it is an easy sell at the moment. Then what?
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Out calls before incoming calls - problem
« Last post by WilanPL on May 16, 2020, 07:32:07 PM »

We have made a new outbound campaign which is for agents that also handle incoming calls.
The main assumption of this campaign is that incoming calls will ring only if there are no records for outgoing connections,
so we entered in the configuration parameter "inbound-agent-assignment-min-num" with -1 value.

however, this does not have the expected effect. we have a lot of abandons calls end we have a lot of incoming calls and only few outgoing :(

I will be grateful for any tips
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: SMPP Gateway Simulator for SMS testing?
« Last post by abudwill on May 16, 2020, 02:49:14 AM »
I wanted to follow up and share that this worked well for my needs and was very easy to setup. Since this is just an SMPP gateway simulator, it is not really possible to have an SMS conversation between two endpoints without additional setup and software. But this makes sense. Genesys SMS server would be considered an ESME client and would deliver messages to its clients (agents on an agent desktop). Simulator provides several ways to inject mobile originated (MO) messages destined for the ESME (in my case Genesys SMS server). However if agent responds to a message, the message gets held in an internal SMPP simulator queue since there is not a second/destination ESME for the message to be delivered to. A person would need to connect/wire up a second/additional ESME client for response messages to be sent to. Or in poor mans land, a second instance of Genesys SMS server would work fine so long as the MSISDNs (x-smpp-address-range setting on SMS server) is setup and registers with the simulator properly. At this point two instances of WDE could be used to simulate two cell phones and send either page mode messages back and forth or engage a session mode. All of this discussed here still adheres to SMPP v3.4 spec, even the hacky setup of two Genesys SMS servers / WDE to simulate cell phones.
Victor was on the money with that one.

Genesys is pushing all the partners to sell cloud first. It is still ok to sell Engage under a subscription model but the margins are not as nice as cloud. Selling the traditional Engage as Capex (none subscription, aka traditional model) offers a much lower margin. Of cause, the partner can sell anything but the margin drives behavior.

This is a reflection of their midset, cloud is the future but Engage will always be around in some capacity at least. Others will fade away in time, might be a long time.
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