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Hello All,

We use multiple channels in our environment like email, chat and voice. When there is a high load on email queue, emails enter the queue again and again. Should I separate the URS for voice and other multimedia channels? Or install more than one URS and setup a load balancer between them? Is there any cautions for emails reentering the queue? It says there may be a network issue or memory, cpu etc. on server but we could not find the problem.

I saw from logs if an agent suddenly closes his WDE with the interactions on it, and if URS was sending a new interaction to him at that time, URS and interaction server disconnects from each other after a certain timeout. In interaction logs it says:

Invalid target specified in a routing instruction, while processing request 'RequestDeliver' from client XXXXX:YYYY, reference id: xxx

Std 30004 Client 'universal router:XXXXX:YYYY (URS)' is too slow disconnecting...

Thank you in advance.
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: ForceRoute
« Last post by raza990 on Today at 01:44:25 PM »
Its ORS routing built on Composer. IRD Function TRoute is actually ForceRoute block in composer. I migrate my IRD routing to composer SCXML routing but as per Genesys, need to do manual changes when migration of TRoute to ForceRoute  which is 'to' and 'from' field.
Pete thank you for your help, that was it! :)

I suppose the last question is, can I get anywhere, any description of Style resources?

For example: I have DeleteDispositionButton, for this button we have style "vistaSmallButtonStyle".
e.g. Style="{DynamicResource vistaSmallButtonStyle}

Can I get somewhere list of styles for concrete controls?

Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: Genesys GIR question
« Last post by cavagnaro on Today at 03:48:42 AM »
RPS has a WS where MCP sends the data in JSON format.
The MCP depends on the Tenant that is the user recorded from.
The RPS is the address you configure at the Voice Profile for that Tenant.

Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Genesys GIR question
« Last post by genesysnoob on Today at 03:28:28 AM »
Hey folks

I have a question, in the Genesys GIR suite as per the design MCP will send the metadata to RPS.
there are no connections/dependencies are established. its working as designed now.

I am trying to find the link between these two apps, how is the data transfer occur?

RPS logs says the metadata has been received, but it doesn't tell where its coming from, i mean which MCP ( if you have multiple)
same goes with MCP ,it doesn't show any where the data is sent to.

Have anyone faced this issue?
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Pulse Graphs
« Last post by cavagnaro on Yesterday at 11:08:51 PM »
Hi guys
Anyone knows if it possible to add more graphs on Pulse? I see it poor in graph content compared even with CCPulse...
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: ForceRoute
« Last post by cavagnaro on Yesterday at 11:04:22 PM »
Why don't just use TRoute?
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: ForceRoute
« Last post by raza990 on Yesterday at 03:48:35 PM »
Resolved. In ForceRoute, you have to define 'to' and 'from' value where 'to' is the destination DN and 'from' is the DN from where the call is transferring. In my case, 'from' is the RP and 'to' is the Trunk DN.

Now call is being transfering but I am wondering where to define switch. It seems that ForceRoute consider the DN on the switch where call comes.
Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: ForceRoute
« Last post by cavagnaro on December 15, 2018, 10:18:48 PM »
Post urs logs.
What is the value for that togvptrunk variable?

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Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / ForceRoute
« Last post by raza990 on December 15, 2018, 06:26:44 PM »

I am using ForceRoute Block in my composer project for routing to transfer to other DN but its not working.

17:08:52.229 [T:2004] {ScxmlMetric:3} METRIC <log sid='DNC4D3CT8L54TENUCTLDU12VE4000025' expr='ERROR: ({data:{description:"Cannot get link and/or device from call", error:"invalidsource", interactionid:"5898MQJ4NP62B9Q52C8C24ONS400002M", requestid:"0"}, invokeid:"", name:"error.interaction.redirect", sendid:"", type:"platform"})' label='' level='1' />

I am only giving from:system.ThisDN and to:varGVPTrunk (varGVPTrunk=6000 is the DN).

Below is the SCXML.

<!-- This is the RouteToGVPTrunk State -->
<state id="RouteToGVPTrunk">
<transition target="$$_MY_PREFIX_$$._reserved_RouteToGVPTrunk_redirect">
<log expr="'Inside ForceRoute Block: RouteToGVPTrunk '"/>
<if cond="isLoggingEnabled()">
<log expr="loggingOutput()" level="4" />
<state id="_reserved_RouteToGVPTrunk_redirect">
<ixn:redirect detach="true" requestid="App_RouteToGVPTrunk['requestid']" interactionid="system.InteractionID" from="system.ThisDN" to="varGVPTrunk" type="_genesys.queue.rType.RouteTypeDefault"/>
<transition event="interaction.redirect.done" cond="['requestid']" target="$$_MY_PREFIX_$$.Exit1">
<script>storeEvent("RouteToGVPTrunk", _event);</script>
<assign location="App_RouteToGVPTrunk['interaction.redirect.requestid']" expr=""/>

Is there any missing configuration I am doing for ForceRoute ? And I am worndering where to define switch name because if we use TRoute function in IRD then we have to define Switch as well but in ForceRoute I dont where to define.
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