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Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Re: Certification
« Last post by cavagnaro on Today at 09:55:08 PM »
Support? Lol
There is documentation, training, do your lab, study it...
What would you want for support?

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Genesys CTI Technical Discussion / Certification
« Last post by Noufal on Today at 03:13:24 PM »
Dear Expert ,

Kindly help need support for Genesys inbound voice certification
Which queue? If it is done then is marked as no further action.
Why would you still would like to have further processing?

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Right, misread ;)
Cassandra? UCS can use Cassandra? Or will use? I have UCS under MSSQL or Oracle for example, will depend on customer infrastructure, right? It is not like ORS does has a Cassandra engine mandatory.
You can create UCS queries via PSDK. This topic is not about ICON, but it is related to the UCS. As the UCS will use Cassandra as the database, I cannot recommend to use direct access as it should work just temporarily - until the new UCS is installed.

Can we move the marked done inbound email interaction to the queue?

Hey Kubig got me curious does PSDK help here? PSDK for icon or what exactly? To write to another DB via PSDK directly?

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Which Softphone? Gad or GNC?
The issue is that maybe you have 2 DNs in your place, right? Kinda like Nortel.
So Nortel or Avaya uses one for voice and the other for CTI purposes. Genesys uses the CTI one but if you break the link then you lose the CTI part. Breaking the link means do something out of the expected and limits of that platform like a manual transfer.

I do recall they both had a way to do a consult before a complete transfer...

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For these purposes I strongly recommend to use PSDK. Of course, you can get data directly from database, but it is not recommended way.
the softphone does not have the option to be able to do a warm transfer, so they have to break connection by picking up the Avaya Handset to perform a warm transfer.
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